5 Things "THRIFTING" Can Teach You About Life

You guys love thrifting posts. You don't really click or read the other stuff I post. So sad, because I enjoy writing those. Sniff.

Anyway I was thinking earlier this week about thrifting and what it really entails. So here are...

1. Thrifting teaches you "PATIENCE".
There is nothing like looking for a campaign dresser for six months and never being able to find it. Its just like Bigfoot. You know he exists. You've seen photos, you have just never seen him in person. But, when you do lay your eyes on one for a reasonable price, its like to heavens have aligned.SCORE! What a feeling. What a rush!

There are several times in life we need patience, such at the DMV or even when going to the doctor's office. No matter how quick we want our tags or how eager we are to get the results we must be patient.

I have been wanting a new car for the longest. Many times I have been very close to getting exactly what I wanted, but patience through thrifting teaches me just a wait a while. What will be, shall be.

 Thrifting teaches you much patience.

2. Thrifting teaches you "Problem Solving Skills".

You see a sideboard that is only $50, you have no place for it, but for sure you can't just leave it here or can you?

A few things you have to think about. While you may not have a use for it now, will you perhaps have a use for it later? If you do, should you buy it now? Do you have the space to store it, until you need it. Will you need it? So many questions!

In life we have to make important and non important decisions. "Should I buy those shoes during the big sale?" Will that take away money from my savings I am building for a new home?

It might seem small, but thrifting is great for major problems solving in everyday life.

3.  Thrifting teaches you see beyond what something IS and what it CAN BE.

When you take something, such as an old date statue and turn it into an amazing lamp, you are doing a lot better than most people who thrift. Many times I have grabbed something and transformed it into something similar to a very expensive piece.
Seeing what something can be is a positive attribute of thrifting.

4. I hesitated to say NEGOTIATION, but I think it works on two levels.

First if you are at a flea market and you see something you like, you may be inclined to negotiate with the seller. If the seller is desperate to sell, then it may work. If not, then...it wont.

I am one of those people that don't negotiate. As a reseller, I know how frustrated I get when someone tries to offer me a lower price for something. Its a slap in the face because of the time and energy it takes to find the items. However, if I need the sale, then yes, I will accept a lower offer.

The other part of negotiation is negotiating what things you may need in your life. Such I spend $30 for a high end hair cut or will a simple $10 haircut be okay.

You don't really think about how much we negotiate simply things in life, but we do and thrifting certainly helps in many ways.

5. Obviously. Teaches you how to be creative. I know you probably thought I was going to end by saying saving money, but I don't look at thrifting as a way to save money. I look at thrifting as a way to find castoffs and create something beautiful with them. The truth is, anticipating getting something at a great price at a thrift store really depends on your area. The city I live in is a toss up. Other cities? You might as well buy brand new. Your city may be one of those cities that always have great gems.

Being creative helps in life by allowing you to see things just a bit different. It's the difference between eating a popsicle and eat a popsicle and then creating art with the pop sticks. May not be a huge plus, but if your business is based on creativity, then its a win win.

So thrifting teaches you to use your creativity.

Believe it or not, if your thrift often you are really doing yourself a favor in life.

What are some other things thrifting can teach you about life?