9 Life Changing Moments this Week

It is no secret I love Dollar Tree. I went to a Dollar Tree in a neighboring city and saw the mini mason jar candles. I didn't pick up any because I figured they would be at the other 24 Dollar Tree stores I would visit this weekend. Umm that was a lie. It seems as if it is an old item and they are no longer carrying them.
I did manage to find 3 pumpkin pie mini mason jar candles at one store. I bought them. The house smells great.
LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: Never under estimate the power of the good smelling home. 

2. I believe its never to late to stop doing something you don't like or leave something that doesn't bring you pleasure anymore. I am going to cut relationships out of this equation because I really don;t want to deal with the differing opinions. However, I have been having a conversation with a friend about finding happiness. Happiness is personal. What makes me happy may not be the same thing that brings you happiness.  I have begun a quest to find personal happiness.

LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: More on that later.

3. Target has really been pushing out some great decor items this season. I really wish I had a need for all of the goodness, but I don't. So I am going to have to let them stay in the store, but bravo Target!
LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: Target seems to take all your troubles away. That is until you get to the checkout and your total is in the three digits. Yikes!
4. I attend a birthday brunch for my best friend this past weekend. I had an amazing time. So great to meet so many of her close friends and family. We are a funny bunch of people.
LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: You really find out who your true friends are, when their support is not there.

5. Had some potential clients come by the studio this week. Hopefully we will be able to work together because I am excited about what they are planning.

6. I have had gold flatware since October of 2013. I like them because they are slick and modern. I don't mind a more traditional set, but these are the ones I found. I was excited to pop into Target this week to see that they are selling the exact same flatware!
LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: I like entertaining because I am often a loner in the work field. So entertaining allows me to show off my creativity as well as have people around me. That's called balance.

I am hoping they are a good quality because I do intend to buy a few sets to add to my set. I bought a couple of sets a few years ago and they didn't hold up at all. I am waiting on the reviews to pour in on this set before I make my rounds.

7.  I have been stalking InstaGram for inspiration and these photos have really given me an extra jolt of life.
8. A dear friend has moved to Charlotte. He is so sociable. I am not, but it is great to have him just a bit closer.

LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: He is a dear friend.

9. It can be challenging to make tough decisions as an adult. You can't blame the dog, you can't look to your parents to bail you out. All responsibility falls on you. I as often say,

"I don't want to adult today."