Room Of the Week

Let me catch my breath.


Much of social media has become saturated with design enthusiasts. Many of those enthusiasts share their homes and design favorites and a lot of it is great, but not my style. When I came across this space by Habachy Design out of Atlanta, GA, I felt as if I could move right in and if the opportune presented itself; I would. Everything about this home is me. The color palette is a dead ringer for my dream space.

I know many of you (because most of you are females) don't like dark spaces, but I love it. I am not sure who they designed it for, but I am sending an email, tweet and DM and asking for a reservation for the next dinner event.

I wonder what the kitchen looks like?

Just in case you were disappointed because you didn't see any pink, teal or chevron in this space, here is another room he designed, but you will have to visit his site to see more of it. lol.