I painted the walls in my living and dining rooms

Happy 2016 Everyone! I know I am a bit late, but I mean I need a little breather. This is an exciting year of commitments for me. The first major commitment is reclaiming parts of my life I neglected in 2015. One part of my life is my apartment. My living space is where I work and where lifetime memories are created, so I am taking back everything in the four walls of my apartment.

I started in the middle of last year redecorating my bedroom and stopped. Since then, I have moved forward with styling my dining and living rooms which is exciting because both rooms are painted. Now these rooms are just painted, but they are painted grasscloth.


Where did I get grasscloth from only to paint over it?

I picked it up from Goodwill (#MrGoodwillHunting) about 4 years ago from Goodwill. Check out THIS POST and THIS ONE for a few back stories on my grasscloth. The interesting thing is the the grasscloth I showed in the post, is not the grasscloth I painted. I used another set of grasscloth that I decided to go back and get (even thought I didn't like them). I have about 3 different styles of grasscloth that I have thrifted.

Just to give you an idea of how grasscloth really looks in a space here are some amazing rooms that feature grasscloth as wall coverings.

and here some some dark gray walls

and here are some gray grasscloth walls.

Here is the beginning stage of my living room.
I am pretty happy about the direction it is going. The $2 painted grasscloth really adds a lot to this space. I am so glad I decided to use it. When I move I will take it with me and perhaps it can be reused. If not, then hopefully my budget will have increase and I can spring for some Phillip Jeffries grasscloth. 

I had a previous rug in here that I bought. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you already know what that rug was, but after getting it in the space I no longer liked it. Unfortunately I cannot return it because they have me a 10% discount. I should have forgone that measly discount on the account I may not like it once it put it on my space. The rug you see now came from Home Goods. I needed a larger size, hence the reason for the purchase of the other rug. The good news is that I was able to track down a larger rug size of this exact one. So I will be ordering it to go in my space. Not sure what I will do with this smaller rug, but hopefully I can figure something out. 

So far, this is where I am in the decorating process. The living room will be 75% finished before any other room. 

For those that follow me on FACEBOOK, you will see I have my sofa. I appreciate all of you for being so supportive. After 3 attempts I got the sofa at the price I was willing to pay and not a penny more.

I am waiting for a store to restock a particular style of chairs that I want for my dining room and I am not sure how long that will be, I am prayer it wont take over two months. If I feel as if the chairs are actually sold out and wont be available again, I will buy a different set of chairs from the same store. The style of chairs I want for the dining table have a very high back and that is certainly the look I am going for. 

I appreciate you all stopping by. As soon as the living room is complete I will start back with tips and start uploading a few videos. 

*all photos are from Pinterest and Houzz*