Sunday Seven (Week One)

I love InstaGram because it is a quick photo sharing app and I get inspired by so many accountants.


One of my favorite accounts is Harold's Finishing Touches

This account is so refreshing to me. With all of the pink washed interiors, its great to see the masculine style embraced with so refined curation. 


I admit. I have been in a season of lack for inspiration. It has gotten worst ever since my small bout of illness around the 3rd week of January, but I am so inspired by Cloth and Paper website. There are so many great items on that website, you must check them out. 


Not sure the last time I made a full meal, but I have been craving a meal like this for the longest. 


I need another pair of black dress shoes. THESE have been grabbing my attention, but I really want something like these, but in BLACK.


It's Valentine's Day and I thought this was a great set up in celebration of the season.


Have you seen THIS SHOW? Funny Funny Funny


I am thinking about getting one of THESE. I don't have a lot of photos in my home, so I think it would really be great to have these when my parents come over. 

What are some things that have been happening to you this past week?