I love crab cakes. A lot. When I heard about GARDEIN Crabless Crabcakes, I thought this might be the chance to really start eating healthy again.

To make these crabcakes you will need, one or more packages of GARDEIN Crabless Crabcakes.
Gardein (garden + protein) is a plant protein brand offering a variety of delicious and versatile foods. Gardein tastes good, is good for you and good for the planet.
All Gardein products are found chillin’ in the freezer aisle at your favorite grocery store.

To cook the crabless crab cakes, I cut about a teaspoon in butter into a sillet, let it come to a sizzle, then I placed each crab cake into the pan.


I turned them over after about 6 minutes (or you can check to see if they are a crispy golden brown) and let them cook on the other side as well.

After both sides have browned quite nicely, I placed them on a paper towel to rest.

That's IT!

Now I am pretty simple when is comes to making sauces. I love tarter sauce, but I didn't have any on hand so I made a quick spicy mayo to go with my crabcakes.

In a bowl, I mixed about half a cup of mayo, some lemon juice (not a lot) and some cayenne pepper. Thats it.

Now you could put some capers in there to balance out the flavor a bit, but really and truly that is all you will need for the sauce.

Some friends dropped by last night so these were really a delicious treat as we were sitting around chatting it up about some business proposals.

Have you ever had crabLESS crab cakes? Seems a bit odd doesn't it? I promise, they are delicious. Gardein is helping to sponsor this post, so that means you get a $1 off coupon (on the homepage) to make them yourself!

Which is good, because they are on sale at Harris Teeters right now.

Before I head off, take a look at these cake stands!
I will tell you more about them very very soon!