DECORATE a ROOM for $250

I get emails quite often where people are asking for my design assistance. More often then not, the end result is that they are after the same thing, I gorgeous room for pennies. While I can use practically any budget and achieve great results, the one thing most people don't realize is that you
have to pay for the ideas and the labor to get the $250 room unless you can come up with them all on your own.

Although there are many Pinterest links for cheap DIY, none of them takes you through a step by step process.

So I wanted to hear from you all. If I was to release a series of eBooks to take you step by step on how to decorate each room in your home for $250 or less,

Would you buy it?
If you said yes, what would you pay?

If you said no?
Why not?

Leave me a comment below and I will take all of the feedback and make a decision!