How to Transform a $2.25 dining chair

I have been thrifting for a very very long time. As a matter of fact I am the one that started "I Love Thrifting Day." I wish I can transform every piece of furniture and resell it and live in some fancy hotel off Madison Avenue. Unfortunately that is not the case, but I can give a few steps on how you can transform a very inexpensive dining room chair.

I bought three cane back chairs from a local thrift store for $2.25 each. Since I host a number of exclusive DINNER PARTIES, I figured I could collect a few and transform them instead of always renting chairs.

Although there are a few steps before this step, I have to skip over all of them because BLACK AND DECKER was kind enough to send me this compact drill!
Now I am going to be honest. I don't do as many DIYs because (after all these years) I live in an apartment and redoing furniture is a challenge, not to mention ALL of the tools needed to achieve a really crispy product. Well that was until I got my hands on this drill.

Now when you have multiple chairs that need to be redone, you are going to want to have a tool that is going to allow you to remove the seats and the back very quickly. So I actually have 3 drills now. I dont use the first one as much because it needs to be plugged in to work. Well, that sucks because sometimes I take the seats off the chairs outside before spray painting them and I dont have a cord that long.

The other drill is battery operated and it has the option to plug it into an outlet. That would be nice, but the battery pack goes down VERY quickly.
So having this compact BLACK AND DECKER drill allows to remove the seat covers from where ever I am. I use can see I didnt even remove the seat when I started painting the chair. Why? Cuz it was so much of a hassle. lol. Now that I have this cordless and compact drill...
I was able to remove the seat cushions in a matter of seconds! I am definitely going to dub this drill as the "EASIEST WAY TO REMOVE SEAT CUSHIONS"

Before you go, I just want to make sure you that go away with a compact Black and Decker Drill of of you own!!

Here is what you will need to do. Check out the 20V Black and Decker Compact Drill and let me know in the comments below which feature you like best for your next project!

Thats it. Winner will be announced July 5th!