Every time I talk to my friends, they always ask, how I manage to find great stuff at the thrift store.

They have the impression that the only pieces you can get from a thrift store are worn down, chippy and shabby chic looking pieces. The truth is, the stuff I find isn't all that great, but the inspiration behind buying the pieces is what make them look great.

I am drafting an e-book right now which will reveal some of my top tips for finding thrift store pieces and creating luxurious spaces with them. For me, it is about having a great vision from the beginning which drives the entire space. When I am considering how I want a space to look, I always look at the portfolio of luxury interior designers. Luxury interior designers have all of the necessary knowledge and education which allows them to create a very seamless and proportionate space. Although you may not be able to afford their services you can use their eye to help create a space for yourself.

So, the tip today will be

TIP 14: Browse the Portfolio of Luxury Designers

This tip can actually go across the board with any design style, but you will get the most from luxury interior designers. Let's start with the example below. 
As you can see, the chairs below are very similar chairs as shown above by the London based interior design firm Tutto Interiors.
Although I am not sure what the budget is, I am pretty certain the clients paid way more for the set or even to have the set redone.

There are a number of other factors that are important in this inspiration photo, but as soon as the e-book is finished, I will you will be able to get those tips as well.

I just want to make sure everyone is fully aware that Shabby Chic or Mid Century Modern aren't the only two styles you can achieve when thrifting.