25 Elegant Dining Room

My dining room has taken a pause. Why? Because I cannot seem to track down any dining chairs that I really am drawn to. I am scouring craigslist and the thrift stores and there is a lot of hit and misses. I want all of the chairs to be the same. I do not like mismatched chairs around my dining table. I like symmetry and order.

I have been going back and forth with one particular seller about some dining chairs. The wait is not teaching me any more patience its just making me frustrated. Despite all of that, I still want the chairs and if I don't find anything similar before then, I guess I may not get to do a dining room. 

While waiting, I have been gathering inspiration from PINTEREST to help me with the final design of my dining room. Hopefully I will get to use some of the elements in these spaces, very soon. 




I surely hope I come across some dining chairs that I can use to finish up my space. In the meantime, I am thinking of another color scheme for a Summer Brunch...hmmm

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