New Mirror

Shopping at thrift stores for me is not about the low prices. It it more about the unique and awesome finds I come across. Yesterday I popped into Goodwill and I spotted this mirror and I decided not to get it because it wasn't the right price. When I got home, I did starting thinking about the mirror and a few places I could possibly put it. I then asked on InstaGram Stories, if I should get it or not. Overwhelming, they said yes. So this morning I got up and was at Goodwill at 9am sharp. Not to my surprise, but the mirror was still there!

I still wasn't on board with the pricing and decided to just put it in my cart and think on it for a while. After about 20 minutes I bought it. I brought it home and immediately knew it was the right decision.
Ive said many times, thrifting isn't about cheap prices, its about finding unique gems that you really cant find anywhere else.