I should have bought it, but I didnt

A few months ago I spotted a damaged coffee table in a store. I'm not even sure the store manager knew it was damaged until I brought it to her attention, even still I wanted it, but felt like the discounted price was far too low. In my opinion half of the table was missing. Did I still want it? Yes, but I could have used the extra money to get it fixed.

Well let move forward to today. I didn't buy the coffee table and I cant find anything I like in the store and honestly, don't have the energy to bounce around thrift stores to find one, so online is where my need has taken me. 

What I am looking for is a coffee table that is rectangular or a large square, mirrored or glass and has a black metal. Here are a few of my selections for coffee tables I like, but why they are exactly what I am looking for. 

This COFFEE TABLE is 90% of what I am looking for. It has two mirrored layers, the legs are pointed  and it has a nice dark metal finish (albeit it not black). You want to know the one thing thats wrong with it? Its round. I need a rectangular coffee table. I looked to see if this manufacture made this table is a square or rectangular version, but they didn't. This one wont work. 
I like the fact this table is the right shape. I am not exactly sold on the X BAR at the bottom, but because the lines are very simple, I think the design is okay. Its not mirrored, but the glass isn't a deal breaker, but if I could get closer to what I am looking for that would be ideal. 
I'm not crazy about the circles, but I am not opposed to them either. There are two shelves, but I think the brass color is throwing me off here. I don't want to spray paint anything, I am paying full price for. So this one will have to stay online, unless my entire color palette changes. 
This coffee table is completely different than my ideal coffee table. However, it is mirrored and it does have a black outer shell, which makes it appealing. This would be a last resort, but I still think it is a solid contender. 
I do like this one. I'm just not sure I like the X on the bottom. If I saw this in a thrift store, I would probably buy it and spray paint the gold and just deal with the extra detail, but if I am going to buy it offline, I need it be exact. So this is almost, but still isn't quite right. 
Had my living room had any other design elements, this coffee table would be front and center. The only reason I am not going to buy this one is because I want to keep the investment pieces neutral. While I like brass, I tend to buy those second hand because they can be cheaper and I can easily switch them out to something else without a huge cost involved. 

Now these next few coffee tables aren't my first choice, but they are certainly worth taking a look at. 

Looking back now, I should have bought that coffee table from HomeGoods, because I am having a hard time locating the perfect table.

There are a lot of coffee tables out there. Some are expensive, while others are more mid range in cost. Im not sure how much I am willing to spend on a coffee table or which one I will ultimately purchase, but I do know I need one rather quickly as I am having brunch with friends in just a few weeks. 

Which one do you like best?