Inexpensive Framed Archectural Prints

When I uploaded this video to my INSTAGRAM PAGE, quite a few of my followers sent messages asking me why I didn't have any photos in my picture frames. So, I decided I needed to find a quick solution.  I am waiting to get some photos printed, but in the meantime, I used a tried and true method of framing pages from a book. 

While I was thrifting the other day I found this book. 
When I opened it, I was surprised to see these greek architectural prints in them, but I knew immediately they would be excellent for framing around the condo or at least in a solid grouping.  Take a look at some of the pages in the book below. The book is available for $5.99 HERE!

 I think I paid like 75 cents for the book, so ripping the pages out to create something bigger was really a smart move for me.

If you notice, I have HUGE prints over my sofa, so this book came at the right time.