A lot has been going on this week, but I always find the time to be inspired by natures and especially browsing social media. So starting today and EVERY SUNDAY from this point forward, you can look forward to "Rashon's Sunday Seven @ 7". This will be seven things that inspired me or made me make a double take. I will try to keep them all rather neutral and save the more contreversial stuff for my upcoming INSTAGRAM LIVE CHAT.

Alright, let's get into it.

For the most part, my personal style is contemporary and transitional. That means I love elements of traditional design, but my color palette (neutrals) always places me around strong lines and sophisticated pieces, like this room by Thomas Pheasant. I love this space. Everything is coordianted so well. It has symmetry and with a statement fabric on the chairs. A part of me really desires to have another apartment, just to decorate, but the other half of me says nah, I dont wanna spend all that money in a place I dont own. Regardless to how I am feeling, I know my style will always er on the side of traditional classic pieces with a neutral finish. 
 Perhaps the chairs wouldn't be my first or even last choice selection for seating in this space, but by golly this space is amazing. I cant lie, I would move right in. 
 While I was on INSTAGRAM, I found this tablescape. Yes. It is probably the best looking table tablescape I have seen this week. Keep in mind, as an event designer, I look at inspiration all day and everyday.

 I don't follow many bloggers that post tons of baby pics, but THIS BLOGGER, keeps me waiting on the next mommy and me street style photo op.

In a society of social media frontin, this is and will always be my mantra


Marriage isn't something I desire. I'm a loner and all that extra stuff just seems to be a bit much for me. Weddings on the other hand I can definitely enjoy. This wedding entrance is probably my favorite one to date (https://instagram.com/p/BWTFpAVAMMM/). I wish them many years of happiness and love and cute babies.


I don't think I shared a few snips from my birthday dinner on the blog. 

Ive been near the Charlotte NC area for almost 10 years and I am ready to start the process of settling down and making permanent roots in a city that really fits my personality and style.  Charlotte is not that place.  I have been exploring a few cities, but haven't yet made the decision. Most people know I have been contemplating a move for about 5 years or so. I will admit that I have some dedicated friends in the city that support what I do and I also enjoy being around them, but life is more than just friends. It is is about being part of the world around you and letting that world be part of you as well, in the sense of community. 

I love Savannah. Every time I visit I feel as if the city has all the right elements for creativity and for a proper social life. It is very hot in the summers, although that is what the South is all about. HOT SUMMERS! lol.Savannah reminds me a little bit of New Orleans. Its very walkable and the culture of the city is very evident. 

I also like DC. Well certain parts of it. Georgetown, of course is my favorite area of the district. I think Id living in a city or an area where I don't have to drive. I prefer waking up, walking to work and walking to recreation and other things. Granted safety is a big issue, but thats what a community feels like. Im still brainstorming and working out the next move, but for now the NUMBER 7 is my up coming public DINNER EVENT!

You can click HERE to reserve your seat.