10 Lessons from this week (Jan 28th)

So I went to one of my favorite southern restaurants on Sunday to eat. I hadnt been there in maybe a month so I was really excited about indulging in some Macaroni and Cheese and Fried Chicken. The food is really good. I have been going there for many years. After eating my lunch (overeating really), I decided to do some shopping for a few items for the business (www.RashonCarraway.com). About 10 minutes after I left the restaurant,

I started feeling a bit uneasy in my stomach. Moments later and up until yesterday, I have not been able to keep food down. I do believe the food made me sick. That was just the start of a tumultuous week and a few lessons I have learned, that I want to share. 

Top 10 Lessons From This Week

Lesson 1: Always Believe in Yourself

Ive been in business for myself for a few years. It was never a goal of mine to be a business owner, I fell into the role after my former job decreased in size back in 2010. So I just decided being a creative was something I enjoyed so why not make a business out of it. I cant say Ive made the best decisions regarding my business, but I do know one thing. No one (perhaps your spouse or partner), will believe in your dreams the way you do. Most people will celebrate the glorious outcomes, but very few will grab your hand and walk with you when you feel like giving up. Honestly most people got too much going on in their personal life to really even think about your personal or business life.

So truly you must always believe in yourself, because other people just honestly dont have the time to do it.

Lesson 2: Bad Food Could Mean Good Things

Ummmmm, really the only good thing about having a bad case of stomach uh ohs is losing some weight. Ive always said I wanted to lose 25 - 30lbs. Well, I think I have lost about 10 of those thanks to eating some bad food. So the good part of bad food, is your body's self purging abilities. I would recommend going out a getting a stomach virus by no means. 

Lesson 3: Celebrate Others, Even If You Are Not Next

I saw a post on Facebook that said, "You best learn how to celebrate others with the hopes that you are next!'

I completely DISAGREE. I don't celebrate others because I hope or anticipate or hope I am next. I celebrate others because I believe they are due that blessing. I believe in times and seasons. It won't always be my time because my friend is having their time. It seems self to me to only celebrate others because I think Im getting something. Even if I am not next I celebrate you because you are worthy and worth everything that is falling to you right now. 

Lesson 4: Always Check Panera Bread Emails

My emails have been backed up since December. I could not get any emails because I had too many. I finally cleaned out my email a couple of weeks ago. Of course, all of the junk mail from old blogs I dont read anymore, companies promoting all of the sales starting rolling in.  Even tho I cant eat much, I took a chance a order a bagel from Panera Bread. As I paid for my bagel the sales clerk said, "Would you like to use your bagel a day promotion for the month of January?" I was like, "What? I missed a whole month of free bagels?" I guess that email came when my email was backed up. 

Anyway. Always check Panera Bread emails. 

Lesson 5: Tire Kickers are The Best People to Help You

Sometime ago I learned that I wasnt making any money thrifting and offering free tips, so I decided to go into the luxury design business. It seems as if no matter what business you go into there will always be tire kickers. What are tire kickers? Tire kickers are basically people that waste your time asking questions about a product or a service when in fact that have no intentions of buying or utilizing your services. So this is why for the last few years my approach to business has always been to place my pricing on my site so that those who cannot afford it can continue researching for something that is a bit more into their price range. 

Lesson 6: Self Care is Not Selfish

Listen you could really kill yourself caring for others and neglecting yourself. 

In order for a pitcher to fill a cup with water, the pitcher must first have water in it. There is no way you can pour out, if you don't have anything in you. Sometimes you have to say "This chocolate chip cookie is mine. So very sorry you didnt get one, but this one, is for me."

Lesson 7: The Little Red Hen Story is a Harsh Reality Many People Need to Face

I started reading the "The Little Red Hen" a few days ago and I there are so many gems in that short story. It is so applicable to business and life in general. I think I am going to teach or FB LIVE a series on "The Little Red Hen"

Lesson 8: People Actually Care

Despite a lot of things, people actually do care about other humans. Well some people. So you know I was sick earlier this week, and I started getting messages from people letting me know they were thinking about me and hoping I felt better. Truth is, I never told them I wasn't feeling well. The spirit of the human connection cannot be taken lightly. 

Lesson 9: I need one of THESE in my life. 

Lesson 10: Dogs are Gifts we Don't Deserve

Ive had Mr. Benjamin, my dog, for 10 years now. He is spoiled as ever and has gotten just a little meaner as he gets older. Regardless of how old he gets he still jumps on the couch and squeeze his body between my legs, just to let me know he is around and not going anywhere. Companionship. 

So these are some of the lessons I have learned this week. I will have more perhaps each week as I take time to blog more.