10 Lessons Ive Learned This Week (April 29th)

Happy Sunday Everyone! These last few weeks have certainly been interesting. With interesting moments come various life lessons. Keep reading to see how a few of these lessons are shaping my current life. 


"A sale isn't a sale when you don't have any money to spend."

A few weeks ago one of my all time favorite stores was offering an additional 50% off everything in the store. Unfortunately I was out of town and could not make it back in to take advantage of the sale. I wasn't too upset because I really didn't set aside the budget to shop anyway, but if I did, here are some of the things I think would have been worth buying. 
Even though I did not buy anything during the sale, I am still keeping my eyes on a few of these pieces so I can use them in a few upcoming projects. 


It takes seeing yourself.

I was working with someone on a project for quite sometime and their attitude and presentation was awful. It was so bad that there were times I was very close to turning the project over to one of my partners to complete. As it were, we were discussing one of the aspects of the project in one of the conference rooms, where there were cameras. We all knew we were being recorded, but as with most things we forgot. A few weeks later we got some feedback and a video of our meeting. The someone I was working with saw themselves and heard how they were speaking to others during and they immediately they got quiet. 

Often, we don't know WHO we are until we SEE ourselves from an unfiltered point of view. 



Imitation isn't a form of flattery. Its stealing, but I'm okay with it. 

It is still a challenge to see folks rip off my ideas. I'm not saying they are original ideas, but I am saying some folks didn't think about it until I started doing it. I'm at peace with them doing it, because I know I influenced it. 

WATCH THIS VIDEO to hear my reasoning. 


I need to stop second guessing my decisions and just go with what I know. 

I stop counting how the times I have asked someone for advice regarding matters that involve me and me only. Often I look back and think I should have just gone with what I was going to go with anyway. I've realized that many times we are simply unsure and uncertain and we want someone who can share the blame if the bottoms falls out. The truth is, even if the bottom falls out, there is still an opportunity to stop and rethink and regroup. 


Have some money stashed away for emergency sales. 

Now, if I had been in town, I would have gone shopping during this crazy sale, unfortunately I was out town, but having a sale stash, will keep me prepared for when these surprise sales come up.


Mixed signals can cause a door to stay open, when it should be closed. 

It isn't hard for me to express myself. It has been hard for me to tell certain people certain things because of my respect for them. It took me many years, to close a door to a friendship because I didn't have the courage to tell how I really felt. I sort of went along for the ride. All of the signs were there but I ignored them UNTIL one revelation finally tipped the scale. Without hesitation, I closed the door to that friendship. I am at peace. Its been a few years now. 


I want THIS


I am okay with letting some things go.

I have built several businesses within the last few years. Some of them are doing really well and others of them I had to let go. The hardest thing was to watch all of my efforts be reduced to a memory. Its hard, but that's life. In order to receive something new we must be willing to open up and all the old to make room for whats incoming. 

Whew! Have you ever had to let something go you worked hard on?


It takes only minutes to know a good person.

I was at work this week and I encountered a customer that just had a great spirit about her. I don't find too many customers that are kind and respectful, but this individual was just being herself and we instantly connect and we talked for what seemed like hours. Fast forward a few days ago she is back with us and ran into an issue with her order. Because we connected on such a great level and I knew she was a good person, I made it my business to go OVER and BEYOND to make sure she got taken care of. 

She was grateful and we are meeting for lunch this week. Good people are often hard to find.