There are two things I adore in life. Eating and shopping. Gourmet magazine covers make you wanna do just that. Eat.

While in the thrift store I found 10 old copies of Gourmet magazine. I bought 9 of them at 25 cents each. The covers were sooo pleasing to the eye. It got me to thinking about art. Look at the following images.

Now imagine using the front cover of Gourmet magazine in each of these frames displayed in your kitchen or breakfast nook.

I like the look of the Gourmet magazine because there isnt any text on the cover (most of them...I am noticing a few covers with texts...I believe two covers were printed) and the images are beautifully rendered. I prefer to see each of them matted with white matte and a black frame. I think this idea is universal and can be seasonal. You can colored coordinate them to match your decor or even a certain theme...such as cakes...cookies...meats...vegetables...pears...predominately black in color...the possibilities are endless. This is an inexpensive...big impact...versatile...way to add drama and boldness to a space.

It is worth noting that Gourmet ended production in the latter part of last year. Esstenially some persons (especially on ebay) are trying to sell copies for like $10...not accounting shipping. I gaurantee you, if you browse a little bit, you can find a great deal.
Mr. Goodwill Hunting