The weekend is the perfect time time go thirfting...hit garage sales...visit Good will and even flea markets.
Well its Sat and I just returned from a little thrift store. This store is great because it has a back room filled with magazines from Bon Appetit to Veranda.

This store gets magazine in all the time and they are only 25cents each. Sometimes the magazine are only a month old. Most of the magazine are donated by many ladies church groups, so you can expect such titles as Good House Keeping, Better Homes and Gardens etc...etc...etc... to be in abundance.

What do you get when you mixed 1974 and 227? Im not sure either. However, there were 227 National Geographic magazines dating back to Decemeber 1974 (yes I counted them all).

If your lucky and got style you can recreate a space like this from who is the blogger of Unpretentious Style. If you visit her site, let her know Mr. Goodwill Hunting thinks she is awesome.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting