@ the WILL....but no WAY...

Its interesting to see the many items people find attractive at Goodwill. Sometimes I sit on the nearest plaid frumpy couch and just watch people shop the aisle and racks at Goodwill. Everyone does not find the same item useful or their style. Here are a few items I thought were great looking...but not great enough for me to buy.

This dresser is very mid century modern. It would have been amazing painted black and a change of hardware. Im more transitional and just didnt see it working in my space. I think the price was $49.99. Another reason I decided to let it stay.

This $10 end table almost went home with me to be transformed. However, it was just one. Lays said it best...Bectcha cant eat just one. Im not sure where I was going with that tagline...but essentially it didnt have a pair so I didnt buy it. It remained in the store for about another day and then was swooped up.