I TELL YA... I- KEE-YA.....

When I picked up my new bed, I met the seller at Ikea. I decided I would go in to Ikea and look around and see what all the commotion was about in blog land. Well I was not impressed.

Most of the furniture was very very cheap looking and had a cheap feel to them. There were a few items I did think were worth buying. Ill sleep on it however.

There were quite a few nice mirrors at Ikea. But at $100 each....I dont quite know if Im ready to chuck it out. I have plans for this print. I have something similiar clipped in my files...I think I may go to Michaels and see if I can recreate it with some underlying hidden words.
These boxes were nice, but extremely flimsy
I would like to buy two of these open shelves. Would be great in a bathroom with towels in them or in a kitchen with dinnerware. They were $349. Not sure if I wanted them that much.
Black and white stripe fabric is my number one fabric. I have used it in every apartment Ive been in. Im glad its $7.99 a yard. Ill be getting a few yards.
The textiles were really amazing. Some great graphic prints. I may use a few in my condo transformation. These floors are ideal. But they were laminate. I need the real thing.