I bought a king sized bed. Yes I did. Brand new. As stated much earlier I havent had any real furniture for about the last two years. Which meant I never invited anyone over for the last two years. I used to have a few gatherings, but life makes a few changes. However, Im regaining my vigor.

The bed.

Well I wasnt really in the market for a bed right now (especially not a KING sized one), but I knew that I needed one. I went on CRAIGSLIST yesterday morning and saw an ad for a Restoration Hardware Leather Bed.

Here are the pictures from the ad that started it all.
I went online to find out that this was the Warner Bed from Restoration Hardware. Black. Nailhead trim. Leather. Kingsize. Winged. Love at first site. I was always looking for an upholstered bed and this was exactly what I needed.

I immediately emailed the seller. Here is the story I was told (which I didnt really believe...she seemed very sketchy). She said her mother bought a storage unit and the storage unit was filled with stuff and this bed was in there. She said she only took it out the box to take a picture of it. I really dont want to bore you with her blah blah blah like she bored me.

The bed was about an hour and 44 minutes away from me. I was willing to drive to get this bed. Luckily for me she was eager to sell and actually met me more than half way to get rid of Ikea I might add (later post on my Ikea visit.)

Well after about 30 minutes of trying to move this beast up my narrow staircase and marking up my wall. Here's the bed in my room.

The BIG DEAL is I bought this BRAND NEW and for such a great price.

To help make this space here are the dressers I am contemplating.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting.