$10,000 found in duffle baggle at thirft store....

You read right...

Heres the story according to abclocal.go.com

A Fort Bragg soldier's wife says she bought a duffle bag from a local thrift store and found almost $10,000 hidden inside it when she got home.

Tracy Kaiser found the money while shopping for some bargain luggage for an upcoming family trip at the Bragg'n Barn Thrift Store on post.

"There were a bunch of suitcases ... I just bought them all," she said. "Inside the side pocket of one of them was a black leather case."

Kaiser and her husband, who's a member of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, counted the money, which totaled was more than $9,000.

"It was like paper clipped in thousands and he just put it back in the bag and came right to the thrift store," Kaiser said. "I have four kids and I would want them to do the right thing. So, you know if I don't be honest and bring the money back, then how do I expect them to learn to do the right thing?"

Management at the thrift store say they are really thankful that the woman who found it gave it back.
"And I think they are a perfect example of what honesty and integrity means and we love them," thrift store manager Christiane Leake said.

And so does the original owner of the duffle bag, who's happy to get the money back.
The couple received a big pat on the back and a plaque from the post commander. The thrift store also gave them a $200 gift certificate for their honesty.

What would you have done...seriously...

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