Fall Colors

Had a bad dream...so I woke up...
while up I prayed...
told GOD how much I love him
and listened to the soft sounds of Tamela Mann

While I am up...I might as well blog.

Unlike most people, I hate Summer. I dont like extremes in anything. Extreme behaviors, extermely seasoned food, exteme beliefs and certainly not extreme hotness. So the thought of Fall coming in makes me happy. Fall is that time of year where I began to think about my favorite color combination...black, white and red (paprika) in the home.

Here is a space I came across on HGTVs Rate My Space community, from an uploader "evelopedesign." The views on this space are very low and the comments are somewhat critical. His profile states that he is a visual mercandiser, so I am assuming most of the pieces in the images are for display in a store. However, there are a number of great pieces and concepts within this small space that I think can be used in any space.

Take a look..

Ok. Now that you have seen a few images, let me point out a few of my favorites.
  • intense color scheme
  • brass nailhead trim
  • lamps
  • black lucite tray
  • sofa
  • pillows
What do you think?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting