Eddie Ross in Charlotte Part 1

This past Thursday and Friday seemed to really jump start some amazing relationships and partnerships among people that share one of my many passions. Good affordable interior design. When I learned Eddie Ross was going to be at Max and Company, own by Pheobe Howard, I knew I wanted to attend. Little did I know it was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made.

When I first walked in I met Pheobe. We shared an amazing joke within the first few minutes. It really put me at ease. Thanks so much Pheobe Howard.
I met Eddie in the corridor and he immediately digged my attire. He made it seem as if he knew me for so many years. Its true what everyone says about him. He is an awesome dude.
Next to me was one of the cutest people in the building. Not only was this person cute, but they were as sweet as apple pie. My new blogger/real life friend. Amanda Calabrasi, who is the author of the blog Casabrasi. Check her out for sure.
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This IS Bryn Alexandra. One of the most amazing bloggers and designers in Charlotte and also a HUGE motivator. She encouraged me so much in the short time I met her. Yes she is a friend of mine...and yes I'm bragging about knowing her.
I ran into Jaithan while with Byrn. Hahaahahaha...he is soooo lively...and funny.
After we took in Eddie's tablescape...
Byrn, Amanda and I walked around to view the awesome showroom at Max and Company. We ran into Sarah from the Matters of Style blog. She is sooo real. We shared some real opinions about blogs. I love it when people are real and not overly smiley and pretentious.
On this night I met Katharine Fuchs of Southern Bourbon Mountains blog. I don't have a picture with her because she actually took our picture. I hope to get one soon. Her personality is so contagious. She is really a PR person. She was telling people about me on this night and the next night.

I couldn't end the night without a picture with both these guys.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting