Mini Monday Makeover

I found this a few days ago...
Its from Goodwill...99¢ first and middle name both start with the letter R.
I wasnt sure what to do with it. Until yesterday morning. I had a frame in storage, but it was more long than it was wide. So, I made my way to Goodwill hoping to score a frame I could repaint.

I walked in and went immediately to the picture area. BINGO! First try and I hit a homerun.
It was the exact colors I needed in the framework.
Since I didnt need to repaint it I took it home (along with a few other items).
Picked up some supplies...
and started working
When I came up for air...this was the result

I tried it in one more place...

So, the other picture frame was found yesterday as well. $2.99. Later post on it.
Linked to Between Naps on the Porch.
What do you guys think?

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