...a story to tell...

During my Mini Monday Makeover I found the other frame near the transformed one at Goodwill.

I was first drawn to it because of its clean lines and black frame and at $3 it was much cheaper than I could have found anywhere else. I had great plans for this frame...until I read the writing next to the image.

"The Water Waves"
The reason
I call it
the water
wave is
the water
is wave
and around

Annie Mc Gurley

Curious to know more I searched her name on the internet...Annie McClendon Gurley

Here is a phrase from an article I found on her.

Her baby sister, "my heart," she says, had the life choked out of her by an infestation of hookworms. Her daddy "accidentally" killed one of her brothers while cleaning his rifle. Beaten and often hungry, Gurley started drawing pictures "when I was knee to a tot," she says. "I used to do it on the ground in the dirt. Painting meant more to me than food. I'd rather paint than eat. I put it on paper, tissue -- anything I could get
I was moved and touched.

So this was more than just a find...it was a piece of history from someone's life..in my home.

Do you have a story about a thrift find?
Id love to hear from you.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting.