...ITS A GIVEAWAY!!!!!...

The year is almost up...my blog anniversary is approaching...etsy shop is about to open and the

30 DAYS OF THRIFTING series will premier December 1st (details tomorrow!!!)

To celebrate all this goings on...I am doing a giveaway. For those who have been following me since the beginning, will remember way back in this year, I came across the motherload of Schumacher remnant fabrics (I tried to link back...but oh well). I will be selling most of them, BUT...

...I am giving one of the remnants away. Which one is the GIVEAWAY...its one of the two Chiang Mai Dragon fabrics. Now this fabric retails for $126 a yard soooooooooooo....ya get my drift!

It measures 24inches x 25inches...

perfect for a pillow...
a vanity chair...

 or a little box of sorts...

There are two ways to enter.

1. Be a follower of the the blog, Mr. Goodwill Hunting then leave a comment on this post telling what you could do with the AMAZING fabric

2. Be a follower of MrGWHunting on Twitter and retweet the giveaway linking this entry.


The GIVEAWAY ends Wednesday December 1, 2010  at midnight. I will announce the winner Thursday December 2, 2010. Winner will have 7 days to contact me via email or DM on twitter to claim prize.


Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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...another WINNING WEEKEND...

Hope you guys had a great weekend...mine was a "Winning Weekend"

This weekend was filled with moving a tone of furniture into my condo...by myself. However, I did manage to find a few items to add to my home. Some will have makeovers some will not.
Lets first view the shopping carts...then analyze a little closer.


With so many planned dinner parties in the works I really needed a dining set. While picking up my sofa this set was being delivered. It did not get placed on the floor until Sunday. So I managed to get back to see the complete set. It was priced at $199.99. The workers assumed it would stay on the floor because of the price. I was starting to second guess the price as well. However, I had a U-Haul truck (need my own little truck)  in my possession so it kinda worked out.
These are just place holder chairs. I will certainly upgrade to a different set..pending funds available. I have a particular style in mind. I will blog on that later on in the week.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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...a readers email...

I have been going quite hard with trying to source items for my small condo. Lately Ive been really lucky. Honestly, it isn't luck. The items I find are somewhat common in my area. Now on to the reader's email. I received an email from a reader which stated they felt I was lying about my finds and that I perhaps was bragging. I was slightly offended. However, instead of responding immediately I took time, thought about it and here is my response...via my blog.

I have no reason to lie about my finds. I CHOOSE to share my finds with people via MY blog. This is MY space in the blog world. If you do not think I am honest...maybe you should not be a follower. I have so many things I could blog about. I could blog about ministry...I am a preacher. I could blog about insurance...I am an insurance agent. I could blog about singing...I am a singer. There are so many things I could blog about, but I chose thrifting as my subject. So, I hold no salary or no contract to make anyone believe my finds.

It seems that EVERY week I have some great find to tweet or blog about. In all thruthfulness greatness is subjective. What you and I may feel is great my be mundane to the next person.

I read a comment a few months back about my finds on another blog. Somewhat bashing me. Honestly, I am excited that what I choose to buy interest them so much they would drop by and leave with a thought. Whether that thought be negative or positive.

I am cheap. So where are many people would shop Pottery Barn, Ballard, Neiman Marcus...etc, I cannot always do that. Sometimes I can.

I thrift daily, whereas many people thrift monthly...or semi annually. So NO you would not get the awesome sofa for $19.99 or a $1500 flatware for $30. Why? Because you aren't out and about thrifting.

The job I currently has me to travel all over my state. So on my lunch break I grab a quick bite and head to the local thirft shop. Easy. You can do it as well.

Blogland is full of AMAZING finds from Goodwill, Salvation Army, 2nd Hand and Consignment shops.

A few friends of mine Lakeitha Duncan from, Home to Three Duncan Boys, thrift as often as I do...and you should really head to her blog to see the amazing stuff she finds...serious.

Then there is Lynda from Focal Point who I met via Rate My Space on hgtv.com. Her first post was the Cash Cab Remix. I liked it then and I like it now. After looking and reading closely, she made it clear that many of her finds came from thrift stores. Her blog is full of amazing pictures of items in her area from thrift stores.

Every area is different. Some places don't have amazing deals. Others do. I happen to be in that place. The BIG thing is this...not EVERYONE has an eye for amazing stuff. The sofa sat there...people walked all around it. The didn't like it. I did. So I bought it...for me...so I shared it with you.

So my friends...by all means...don't sit in judgement...don't accuse. I'm sharing with you what makes me happy...no more than the shared song the Sparrow sings because she is happy...or the purrrs of a kitten because he is content.

We are all trying to live well...and on budget...and live well on it.

I encourage your comments...good or bad...positive or negative.

Mr.Goodwill Hunting
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..Ten Things I am Thankful For.

1. ...my life as a Christian and my faith in Jesus Christ.
2. ...my loving family, who accepts me...loves me and supports me.
3. ...my dog Mr. Benjamin. Ive had him for two years now. He makes me smile. He curls up beside me while Im blogging and tweeting.
4. ...the many talents and creativity swirling around inside me...I am gifted...and I know it...not bragging...just confident
5...my enemies..without them I wouldn't get MOST of the calls and texts I do asking or telling me so and so was talking about you...said you did this and you did that...my enemies keep me relevant.
6. ...the ability to work and produce...a lazy man is unattractive...
7. ..water...the essence of life...I drink about 10 bottles a day. I heart this stuff...wonder who came up with it...
8. ...Goodwill and all thrift stores...and the people who toss out ugly stuff-so that I can give it new life...
9. ...people who are honest and straight forward...I dont like "frien-emies".
10. ...I am thankful for ALL of you...your support...kind words...visits...retweets...reposts...without you guys this blog would NOT be a little space in blogland.

What are you grateful for?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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...I want to say Thank you...

Blogland is full of amazing blogs. So, I am always thrilled when another bloggers mentions my little old name. So I want to take this time to say thank you to the following blogs who mentioned me or took the time to feature one of my dinky projects. (If you threw my name out there and I  missed it...please email me. I really want to say thank you).

Thank you bloggers!

I really appreciate each of you for taking time out to peruse my blog. A few house keeping rules below.
My blog address changed. Long story. So make sure you update your blog rolls with the correct one below.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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...a Thrifty Tuesday...

yesterday was a pretty good day for me at Goodwill. Although it seems like I have amassed a lot of items, I honestly have very little major pieces...until yesterday.

So today I want to share my "loot" with you.
Brass Ram lamps. I think at least 4 people wanted these out of my cart.
simple letter. $2.50 still cheaper than the half off letters at Hob Lob.
I'm not sure what these are, but at $.99 for 6, these will be cup holders.
used pool balls $2.99. I liked that they are all beat up. Funny story behind these.
Dresser. I have plans for this...big makeover.
probably the best deal of the day..$19.99 sofa. I just couldn't leave it there. So many options and possibilities. Cant wait to get my grubby paws on some fabric options.

So what you think?

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Tablescaping with MrGWH...

Id like to think I am creative. Visually creative that is. Although I am not entertaining this holiday season, I figured there was nothing stopping me from setting a nice table. Full breakdown of thrifted and discounted items in a later post.

Need just a little help entertaining this holiday season...
Mr. Goodwill Hunting can help.

(This post is linked to Between Naps on the Porch)
Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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Mixology with Lisa Sherry

I cant find my camera cord (been a long week). But I wanted to share last night's evening with everyone. Last evening I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Sherry from Lisa Sherry Interieurs and her amazing staff during their holiday Mixology event. She is soo sweet.

What a gracious hostess Lisa is.
Here I am with Catherine Horgan, from http://www.closetofstyle.com/. Yes. we clicked instantaneously!
I managed to sneak in a quick picture with Amanda Calabrasi from Casabrasi
I finally found Bryn ( I think she got lost in the showroom full of amazing goodies)

Although I cant post the amazing eye candy in the store, here a few pictures from Lisa's portfolio. So much inspiration.

Here are just a few images from Lisa Sherry's portfolio.

Lisa's website, Lisa Sherry Interieurs, is full of amazing spaces, drop by and let her know
Mr. Goodwill Hunting said hello.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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...do these stripes make me look fat...

do they?

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I hope you like the recent changes...
Let me know what you think

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

BAD news GOOD news

The BAD news is that I am still away for business and cannot do a follow-up lamp tutorial today.

The GOOD news is that Ive found my retainer a few days ago.

okay...maybe its just GOOD news for me.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


My dad and nephew came to visit this weekend. I attempted to redo my bedroom. No success, but I did manage to redo a lamp and a small project.

Janel, from Isabella and Max  recently recovered a lampshade. So I decided, perhaps I, a guy, could follow along and reproduce it. I did. And I added one more thing. Take a look.

The twist..the GOLD lamp shade interior.
inspired by this...
 as you can tell...the gold interior gives an awesome ambience at night...
the possibilities are endless...

Mr. Goodwill Hunting