[man cave...part 1]

[man cave] i am not exactly sure who coined this term, but remind me NOT to add them to my christmas card mailing list this year. man cave makes me think of cave men. i don't think many men are hunters and gatherers anymore. at least not in these parts.
often when you turn to popular real estate home buying shows, the women will often say, "honey, this will be great for your man cave." and like a dummy he says, "yea babe, i can have my big screen tv there, the sofa here and a pool table."
i dont mind a big screen tv. for almost a year i contemplated a pool table in what is obviously designated as my dining room. if i never expected to have guest over, i would honestly have a 50 inch or bigger plasma tv, a sofa and two mattresses on the floor. done.
unfortunately, that isn't the case.
i recently came across an article written by an online men's magazine describing how men should approach interior design. i agreed with about 85% of the article. i will say, my view on interior design is the same as I approach my personal style. if men did this as well, i think they could easily achieve a decent living space.
by no means am i advocating a guy should pay an outrageous price for a sofa that will ultimately be a receptacle for cheetos and perhaps see more action than a jean van claude damme movie [mom's favorite actor]. it isn't even acceptable for him to pick up the plaid sofa left on the side of the road during final exams in the local university area. instead he should examine his wardrobe.
if a man has personal style, i believe he can live in an amazing space that he can put together on his own. even if it's a rental. if he is going to pay $1100 for a matchy matchy living room suite from the town's rent me buy me place, then he can probably spend the same amount or less curating thrifty pieces and actually have a place he can invite mom to, and she be proud.
i think most guys, just dont have the time for all the pillows and rugs hoopla. spending the money may also be an issue...xbox or drapes...hmm...i'm thinking he is going for the xbox.
ive learned that living in a comfortable space brings about peace of mind and ultimate tranquility whether you are a man or a woman. nothing is worst that stepping on boxes of hotpockets, half eaten pizza or looking at a big ole ugly grandpa leather sofa all day everyday. if you know a modern man of style and "swagger" he will tell you, this is not how the majority of refined men live. only those who live in [man caves].

Mr. Goodwill Hunting