[bedroom details]

i received quite a few emails about part 1 of my bedroom. many wanted to know resources for a number of items.  many of the items in my bedroom i blogged about last year. unfortunately its a challenge to locate each post, so i will just re-list everything and try to link back to old blog posts.  let's go!
the bed is a king size warner bed by restoration hardware. i scored this brand new bed last april off craigslist for $800. now $800 isnt cheap, but it is way cheaper in relation to its actual retail price which is $2800-$3000.

i've had the paprika pillows since about august of last year. they came from target. $12.99 clearance. target is a great spot for adding standard color pillows to your home. every season they introduce a new set of colors. i knew my color scheme for a while so i bought four of them for my sofa, but decided to use three in the bedroom.
the black and white sheets were totally serendipitous. i lamented over the actual duvet from wal-mart to use as drapes. after not being able to score any i made my own [no sew drapes]. these sheets were found on a random visit to ross this past weekend. at $16 for a king size set, i copt them. now they are made of the twins, poly and esther. i dont wear the twins and certainly dont sleep on them. they serves as pure eye candy and the sheet rests between my white sheet and duvet.

i've been asked quite a few times about the duvet. which i am surprised about. this duvet is by william sonoma home. last year quite a few people blogged about this set. this duvet set was actually featured in the bedroom of hgtv's urban oasis home giveaway.
knowing my color scheme i knew this duvet was wat i needed to have a completed bedroom. the duvet retailed at $348 for a king size duvet cover. expensive. i bought the last duvet from the william sonoma home outlet for $112. now that was still expensive, but i knew it would be kept for quite a while. i also have 3 pillows cases, which arent the standard kind...so if you want them...send me an email.
the cowhide rug i found on craigslist as well about 3 years ago, for about $150. ikea sells them  for about $199 and I'm sure there are quite a few other retailers whole sell the. if i am not mistaken, its real cow hide.
the side tables are interesting. the intended layout of my bedroom calls for bedside tables of 35 inches or wider. after totally rearranging the bedroom on the faux patio wall, i was able to use these table. i bought them from hobby lobby about 4 years ago, for less than $35 each. i think they are outdoor plant stands.
if anyone remembers these tables were actually part of my former desk area in my bedroom. read the post here of how this little desk was born. after switching the bedroom around i decided they were better as side tables. the spot where the desk was, now houses my dresser [which i will reveal in part 2 or 3].

the lamps of course, are from goodwill, $8.99 each. shades were about $25 from pottery barn maybe 4 years ago as well.
the artwork frames were $2.99 from goodwill. the prints are of paris and i found them while thrifting. i decided to use the sophia fabric from ikea as a backdrop for them. i mean black and white stripes and paris tends to go hand in hand.
this artwork was purely accidental. i was tearing out and old picture from this $4.99 goodwill frame and realized the paper on the back was black. so i crumpled it up and framed it. that's it.
ok whats left...oh yea...the drapes are the no sew drapes [click here to read more].  if you are a new follower this is a great and inexpensive alternative to custom drapes. i may do a tutorial.
the throw on the bed is just an old herringbone curtain panel. I have four of them. bought years ago....way way back.

what makes my bedroom so pleasing as a retreat to me, is that it developed over time. each piece was bought at different seasons in my life. some are very old and some were just waiting to be displayed. even if you live in a rental you can still achieve a well edited and curated space with a very low budget. if you buy pieces bit by bit you will find that when brought together, the space will have your personality

this was a lengthy post, but i hope i've answered any questions.

i still would love to hear your thoughts and email me if there are any questions.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting