[stylish blogger]

this post is well overdue...so much so that i have five amazing bloggers to thank for nominating me

ok i am told the rules are to write 7 things about yourself and pass on the award to 10-15 other recently discovered blogs.  

well here goes my 7:
1. i eat ranch dressing on almost everything.

2. i honestly dont like a lot of windows in a house. im not sure if i was a vampire in my past life, but i like dark cave like spaces [and not a man cave either...lol]

3. people ask why dont i smile in my pictures. i say its because i have braces. actually its because i smile very little. i'm not a mean person. just not overly gitty.

4. as a child i dreamed of being an orchid whale. yea. its taking a lot longer for this dream to come true than i thought.

5. i often put one song on repeat and listen to it for weeks on end. 99% of the time its a john legend song. it drives people bonkers if they are riding with me.

6. although my home is black and white with hints of paprika, my wardrobe runs the gammet from plaid green pants to polka dot blue bowties.

7.  i dont do cruises or roller coasters. i am terrified of large bodies of water because i cant swim and really really terrified of heights.

here are my 10 blogs...this is hard...not because i dont have any to nominate...but because there are sooo many to nominate

Mr. Goodwill Hunting