[christmas in february]

in the past i carried full length garment bags with me when i traveled. i wear a lot of suits. those days are kinda over.

back in december, i posted my christmas wish list. to my surprise santa forgot all about me and didn't get me a single thing. i'm not sure why he didn't. i was really good. i'm starting to think that jolly ole fat man isn't real.

one of the items on my wish list was the pendleton plaid weekender, sold by urban outfitters which was the same as pendleton's brodie tartan weekender.
i called back in the late part of november they had 22 available. however, a wonky job situation put better judgement before me and i didn't buy it. i just couldn't justify spending that amount money on something realizing it would be used once or twice.

well despite the lack of options to use it, i wanted it.

i called for days to both urban and pendleton, in december and january and february and the weekender was sold out...still

2 saturday mornings ago i had lucky lottery winning feeling.

called pendleton...no bag
called urban outfitters "i'm showing one available sir." i said, "book it...no no...i meant i'll buy it"

and i did...

as i prepare for my quick trip to ny to visit the nate show, i figured it was needful to travel light...yet in style...

and here it is...in my house.

touch it...go head...doesn't it feel all nice and- oh...wait...sorry...i had  a moment...

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