[dining room details]

so truth is i know quite the details about my dining room because things still have tags on them. tacky. i know.


i searched high and low for six high back dining chairs. i didn't want captain chairs this time around. one day i found these 6 chairs on craigslist for $175. by the time i had gotten around to them they were marked down to $150.

as they are, they match the feel of my condo. however, my mind is already dreaming of their new look.
the brass ram head lamps were $3.99 each from goodwill. they were sitting in the broad daylight and in a store full of people, no one seemed to notice them until i put them in my cart. go figure.

the mirror was $14.99 from goodwill also. it has a weave affect to it. really nice and it adds texture.

the bowls on the table were 48 cents. you can read about them here

i seem to get a lot of compliments and questions about the flatware. i will soon do a side bar about each of my finds. in the meantime click here to read about the flatware

the mikasa iced tea stemware were purchased on clearance from belks as they were phasing them out.

the pears came from hobby lobby about a year ago. i saw them called my mother to buy what was left at the hobby lobby in here city and i went to one. in all i have 12. the grey wood finish is the way the came. as time goes on i can picture them painted glossy gold or black or perhaps white. i saw longevity in them. i think they were like $2.50 each.

the table

well i will blog about that later. it's a saga. and i like telling stories.

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