[i am so glad]

[i am so glad] i asked each of you, "what would you do"  on yesterday. there were so many great suggestions and links. i want to say thank you and lets see what you guys came up with. here are a few of your comments and the links you provided.

so it looks like Tonia has the missing pieces to the chandelier i have

momma goodwill hunting actually suggested this idea when i brought it home...she thought pictures would work as well.

such wonderful suggestions from all of you. thanks so much. so which or which one will i do? well like most of you i am going to get it rewired first. to make sure it works. if it doesn't i mean, its no big whoop. i would only have lost $3. 

i am going to take some time to look for some pieces and then do a reveal.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting