[not for the faint of heart]

okay. i rarely read fashion blogs. i think most (not all) fashion bloggers just wear crazy *ish thats not called for. okay somethings i wear may seem ostentatious, but its always in good taste and not frequent...so i think.

yesterday i stumbled upon the fashion blog karla's closet. she posted this...
which made me think about these...
my sister called them clown pants, a friend called them willy wonka pants and a twitter friend called them "fancy" pants. 

i call them my pants and i feel like i will wear them again this year. this was the description on the website

 "[Not for the faint of heart]. They’ll see you coming and talk about you when you’re gone." 

what truth...lol..although several dudes and girls asked if they could buy them...lol

Mr. Goodwill Huntig