[march gladness]

the months of february and march have been momentous milestones for this blog. when i started this blog, it was just a diary to share my many thrift store finds. i simply blogged because i loved to write. i wasn't really sure who would read it, but i did it anyway.

little did i know, i would enter a world much larger than i ever imagine. a world that would impact thousands and eventually millions.

none of this could be made possible without you, the readers, bloggers, writers and haters. i want to take this time to say thank you to the following blogs and websites that have promoted my appearance on the nate berkus show, asked me to guest post for their blog or noted my blog for the month of march.

please click on each of the banners to visit each blog or website.

if i have unintentionally missed any blogs or websites please tweet me immediately or send me an email immediately so that i can update pronto!!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting