[tablescape in details]

there were a few emails asking for details of the table i set for my family this past weekend.
so here we go!
these tumblers were picked up at goodwill for 49 cents each. 
i was so digging the black and gold woodland motif by "the lumber company."
there are six of these brass chargers. quite special to me as i picked them up from the housing works thrift store when i visited new york for the first time to tape 2 segments for the nate show. 
they were labeled bloomingdales. i purchased them for $3 each. there were about 12 of them available.
this small salad plate was purchased from ikea. i bought six. they weren't on sale, but the simplicity of the dark charcoal was just what i needed as foundation for my dinnerware.
these plates were purchased on sale from zgallerie. i blogged about them here
as the blog grows and as i sometimes include table settings i am always asked about my flatware. i blogged about them here and here

i am a huge advocate for setting the table. most of the items used on my table are inexpensive and can be used over and over. i personally believe at least once a week everyone should whip out their best china and use them. even if it is just to serve pb&j...do it. life is too short to be saving stuff for an occasion you may never see. 

yall quiet out there...lol

Mr. Goodwill Hunting