[a new coffee table]

i know i have forced my apartment on you guys over the last few weeks. as stated a few weeks back it was NOT my intentions to do that. i wanted to pace reveals and diys and such through the year. but if you have been following the blog and my twitter you will understand why. i do say thank you for your support.

although i am not big on changing things in my apt often, i must admit that what you have seen over the last few weeks will change or should i say, have changed.

one of the changes is a coffee table.

if you remember, i found these at goodwill for $5 for all 4. although these tables were inexpensive i knew they would be temporary coffee table fix. although they are no longer the actual coffee table in my living room, they still serve an amazing purpose. i am currently touching them up with some high gloss black paint and positioning them in another area of the room.

so here is the coffee table they are being replaced with.
this coffee table is quite massive in that its five and a half feet wide by four feet long. of course, this new coffee table addition, means the living room will have a new layout. the table won't remain in its current condition. i have a little project up m y sleeve to enhance it a little but.  stay tuned for more updates

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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