[mixology monday]

the tweed suit is probably one of the most iconic piece in a classic man's wardrobe. paired together in the autumn and winter months and the look is timeless. separating the pants and donning it with a different jacket can add much depth to a man's profile. i have even noticed individuals taking the jacket and selecting a rugged pair of jeans to make it quite casual.
i have, for years, searched high and low for a herringbone tweed suit. most retail stores sell just the jacket or just the pants, but rarely together.
some time ago i lucked up and found a herringbone suit. i was really really excited as i had been searching, what seemed like the breadth of the world to find one. 
this suit is like a thorn on a rose bush for me. as long as i searched for one and the obvious inverse of time kicked in. it was frankly too small. in the store if fit. it didn't fit well, but it fit. i told my mother that i can tell people "it's not tight, its a modern fit." she laughed, but in the back of her mind i can hear her saying, "lawd ham mer-say, my son."

well i couldn't do it. i cant wear tight clothing. fitted and tailored...yes. small and modern...H to the No.

so this suit is now going on ebay as soon as i can figure it out.