[questions & answers]

today i will answer a few of your questions 

Q1. did you upholster your sofa?
A1. i did not. i had it professionally done. although i did add the nail head trim. it took me years to find a sofa i could live with. the sofa was inexpensive, but not cheap. yes the upholstery cost more than the actual sofa, but in comparison having a refurbished sofa cost much less than a brand new sofa.

 it is basic spray paint that anyone can pick up from your local big box, home improvement or craft store. 
the knobs were purchased at hobby hobby, for around $4 each. there are a number of online stores that sell similar products. make sure you shop around so that you can get the best deal.
the pillows in the house proud segment were purchased from homegoods. crate and barrel sells them in various colorways for far more. i have seen it in a wallpaper form quite recently. 
let me start by saying i live in a rental. i may not be here for 5 years. i may only be here for 5 more months, but in those 5 months i want it to feel like home. you don't have to buy a $3000 sofa to have a great space. there are several inexpensive ways to furnish your home within your budget. my main tip would be to start by what is important to you. look for the gem amongst the garbage. it is in there.


if you stay close to this blog and many of my friend's blog you will certainly be inspired.

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