[whoa whoa whoa]

thanks so much to EVERYone for your many tweets, messages, emails and facebook posts. i am so grateful for your acts of kindness!

i know there are many new followers and i say thank you. there is a lot of great things coming in the near future.

if you click the pictures below they will lead you to a video interview and the online clips from the nate show.

so many of you gave some great feedback yesterday.
if you want me to be back or a regular on the show

BLOW UP their emails, facebook & twitter accounts @Nate_Berkus or @NateBerkusShow and let them know it!

i will ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS on tomorrow. just give me a day to sort through.

no matter how many comments i receive i ALWAYS look forward to reading yours. there is no such thing as too many comments. i approve all comments so that i can read them before posting. i enjoy getting to know you.

if you have any questions please include your email in your comments or send me an email directly and i will respond as soon as i can.

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if you are NOT a follower...please follow. most of the giveaways will be for followers only.

on monday i will talk about what i wore on the nate show. really excited to share.

oh yea. i have a dog, his name is Mr. Benjamin. you will meet him very soon...

i always end like this

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

so you will know how to reach me.

pictures are from www.thenateshow.com