[sir it has a hole...]

"[sir it has a hole] in the back," he said.
"i am quite aware of that," i replied, "thanks for pointing that out. it shows real customer service."

the gentleman at goodwill's checkout was referring to a jacket i was purchasing. all i wanted were the buttons. the condition of the jacket didn't matter to me. its a lot cheaper to buy a thrift jacket with buttons you desire (as a guy) because it has both the jacket and the arm buttons. if i were to buy them separately, in a retail store, i would probably pay the same price for just  front buttons alone. 

i think buying thrift accessories from vintage or old garments can breath new life into old or even new pieces. i have encouraged many people to do this.

so here is a preview of the small project i am working on.
not sure when i will wear it, but i like it already. it's one of a kind. 

Mr. Goodwill Hunting