[size matters]

if i had named this post anything else you probably wouldn't read it. i don't think mini iron wouldn't turned heads...lol.

i dont go into thrift stores or good will looking for small gadgets. sometimes people fill up their homes with "it was only a dollar" and "i will find a use for it one day" items. which is okay if you really mean it. however, i don't. unless its a piece of art or a small useful tray i tend to leave it. i should have done that with my $4.99 hand mixer i bought last year.

so here is a mini iron i found at goodwill earlier this week.

i took the time to make sure it worked while in the store. the electronic section in a few goodwills have rows of outlets that allow you to test products to make sure they work. so helpful to avoid buying stuff that you think you can perform open heart surgery on.
the iron was only $2.99. its a nice travel size. i would take it for travel, but because most hotel have them, theres no need.
for me its the perfect size for quickly ironing a pocket square before running out the door or even just a touch up on a shirt collar. i am drifting more and more away from starching my dress shirts. 
the crafters out there could probably find some great use for this mini steam iron as well. it does get hot & is the perfect addition for small projects or for on the on traveling perhaps.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting