[$10ish update]

i have gotten several emails and comments about the missing handles to my dresser/sideboard in my living room.
truth is, i took the original handles off and spray painted them silver. with the inconsistent weather we had during the time i redid them, they did NOT come out well. plus i lost one of the handles...lol

a few days ago i was browsing around in target and found a clearance section.

push pause.

target and walmart are the only two stores i know that stick clearance items in the most random spaces. like why would hardware be in the electronics department? weird.

press play.
there were a lot of random packs of hardware. however, i picked up 2 packs of a set of handles and 2 packs with 4 knobs in each pack. all for $10.44! i wasn't sure if the handles were the same size as the existing holes, but at around $10 I was willing to take my chances.

to my surprise the handles fit perfectly. in case you have missed the beginning of this sideboard, click here and here to learn more. i was unsure about the different hardware, but i like the unexpectedness.
 this picture was taking in the summer of 2001. i guess i didn't smile back then either.
so what do you think of my $10ish update?

UPDATE: I am linking to Susan's Metamorphosis Monday on Between Naps on the Porch