[mixology monday]

today i am going a answer an email, i received a few days ago.

Hi Rashon,

I have really been enjoying your blog since seeing you on the Nate Show.  You are inspiring me to step up my style.  I love thrifting.  We have three fabulous thrift shops here in Brandon, Florida, just outside Tampa.  It's almost too easy here.  My question for you this morning is: what do you wear when you go to GoodWill?  Do you dress up or down?  Okay, that's two questions.  Please show us one of your casual outfits on a mixology post.  Umm...you do dress casually sometimes, right?

thanks so much N.B. for this email.
let me start by saying mixology monday is a portion of my blog i take to feature my style. my style is different from many other guys and i am ok with that.

when i go to goodwill i dress like i would if i were going to the mall. namely because i don't set out to go to goodwill. goodwill is just a stop in a day of errands or meetings. so i may have on a blazer, i may not. i may have on a bow tie, i may not. it all depends upon how i am feeling. 

do i dress casual?

define casual.

for me casual is not jeans. i only have two pairs of jeans and i don't wear them often. i don't wear shorts and i may wear a polo shirt every now and then. between church and the last job i had i have a lot of suits, button down shirts, ties etc. in my closet so i wear them any chance i get. 

i don't own any sneakers...i only wear chuck taylors.

i did consciously wear jeans this weekend to a dear friend's birthday party to show what i consider casual. 
again...this is MY casual. 
i hope this helps.

pants: sale j crew
sweater: $3.49 goodwill
bowtie: 50% off ralph lauren
belt: j crew outlet
shirt: estate collection from ralph lauren

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting