[bloggers you should know about]

i dont care what any reports are saying, blogs are making a huge impact right now and are not going anywhere anytime soon. since i have been actively blogging, i have come across some amazing bloggers. although i have yet to meet many of them, there are a few that i have breathed the same air with. two of those people are dayka robinson from the blog, meditations of life and style and erika ward of erika ward interiors and bluelabel bungalow. 
these two young ladies, along with a host of amazing bloggers and designers have teamed up to design and style the nicholas house in atlanta, ga through a worthy organization called room service atlanta. i know these two special people. ive tweeted with them, chatted with them on the phone, physically sat beside them and shared real life quandaries. so i know their heart and i know the strength that motivates them.

so please take the time to head to each of their blogs and websites to learn more of them and how you may be able to help. their current project is wrapping up on today, but there will be an abundance of opportunities to help with future projects.

please when you stop by tell them their blog brother said hello.
love you my sisters. 

a few months ago i received an email asking if i would like to be part of a new e-zine. heck yea i thought. when i discovered it was being spear headed by janell beals of isabella and max rooms, i was more honored than anything to be asked to share in the premier issue of house of fifty. 
now i admit, i was a bit hesitant, because the magazine is geared toward women. let's be honest here. in the arena of decor and style, what publication really isn't geared toward women. as i have said before, i would be just fine with a couch, a mattress and a 55 inch plasma mounted on an empty wall, but i will not squander the gifts GOD has graciously entrusted in me. yall aint sayin much rite dere. just one amen will do...lol

so when the house of fifty went live immediately & quickly flipped through each page getting visually stimulated, but took more time later that evening to soak it all in. i have been a long standing fan of janell's work ever since i was introduced to her classic style on hgtv's rate my space. it appears i am not alone as she has thousands of registered followers and has appeared on numerous blogs, forums and even tv.

so take a moment to check out the house of fifty e-zine. 

thanks so much janell for giving a small southern guy like me a chance to shine. 

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting