[style on saturday]

if you follow me on twitter then you already know weeks in advance what i wore to my 3rd appearance on the nate berkus show. i have often talked about my personal style on the blog. so its nothing new to say my style is different. its classic. its edgy. its modern. its me.
sometimes i wear bold colors. sometimes i wear pattern on pattern on pattern. although i am somewhat  classic in my style, i sometimes select a very inexpensive trendy item, just to stay relevant. 
i am always looking for inspiration when considering what to wear. in this age of information there are a number of platforms like tumblr, facebook and blogger which allow individuals and brands a global opportunity to show off their unique approach to style. 
there are some styles and brands i admire from afar off and there are others i move  in a little closer to see what i can gleam from it. one of those brands is hadleigh's out of dallas texas. i am not sure how i stumbled upon them, but i am definitely benefiting from the serendipitous occasion.
the underlying thread of hadleigh's, to me is classic. however, there is an air of grandness and an ever so slightly modernistic approach. although i am more interested in the mens line, i openly admit their womenswear is just as appealing.

although i am thrifty, i NEVER play around with my footwear. when i saw these gingham print slippers, in various colors, i felt like peter griffin when he brought home all those puppies and just waddled in the them. i mean come on my friends...whats not to love here.
there are a few other brands i admire, but right now, this happens to be the brand i will spend the rent money on (just kidding people...i know some of you likes to email and tweets me about the littlest thing).
as you can plainly see, hadleigh's has a distinguished mark of excellence. so its not surprising they were featured in the robb report and most recently esquire's big black book, for spring 2011.  
although this brand is only 2 years old, i see longevity in its future.
because i am a man of varied style points, i would be remiss if i didn't at least mention the interior.
the exposed brick walls, high ceiling, chrome mixed with leather. oh yes...who could overlook such a dramatic chandelier. even if i am unable to buy everything my eyes wanteth, i believe i would be ok just sipping a nice cool beverage, perhaps tippy tasting some anti-pasta while pontificating the latest socio and economic tales of our times (mind you i have a degree in political science).
i had the opportunity to speak with gable shaikh this week, who owns hadleigh bespoke with her husband ed, and she was warm and made me feel like i could hop a private jet to dallas and get my finery on. 

for more information regarding hadleigh bespoke please visit their website here and their facebook fan page here. 

i did not get paid anything for this feature neither did i get one of the amazing bowties. however, i wouldnt object if they sent me one...lol

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting