[mixology monday PINK EDITION]

whenever i venture into a different city, i always type "thrift" in my iPhone yellow pages app to see where the nearest thrift stores are. when i am out-of-town i only window shop the furniture area, but i am quite intense in the clothing department.
my initial affection with second hand stores began with my love for thriftinng for clothing. it is not uncommon that you can find some very high end labels at some of the most tucked away thrift stores. one great item i found was this thomas pink tie for $1.50 at a goodwill, i believe. 

now thomas pink is an exceptional brand. unfortunately there isn't a store locally in my area, but i do believe several high end department stores sell many of their pieces. 
the last two amazing opportunities i have had to be a guest on the nate berkus show, i stayed at the lucerne hotel and lucky for me there is a goodwill store a few doors down. naturally, i couldn't resist.

the first time i went to the store there were some great brooks brothers suits, but because there was no fitting room, i was reluctant to try them on in the open. i was. the guy who was there last week, was not.

this visit to goodwill was interesting. i got an opportunity to hear a sweet older lady cuss someone out and was called oprah by the cashier who then called her husband to tell him their favorite "european designer" was in her store (what...european...really?)
although those moments were great i was quite stoked at the brand new thomas pink shirts i found. they are classic blue shirts. nothing out of the ordinary, but certainly great as foundational pieces to any wardrobe. now for me, i rarely wear white shirts. why? because they wash my skin tone out on camera. so i opt for blue instead. 

now i must let everyone know that not all of my clothes come from thrift stores. i have many full priced retail garments. i think it is important to mix & match so that one doesn't appear to be a walking advertisement for a particular brand...unless that is the look you are going for.
these shirts were just unfolded and placed in the store the day before i arrived. now i didnt need to try them on because they were my size, well almost. the sleeves are a size 34. i am normally a 34-35.  

now how about that for a [PINK EDITION] mixology monday?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting