when i enter into most stores, i often go to the sale or clearance aisle/section first.
most of the time it is to get a really good deal, but often time it is to picked up an item that perhaps has been on the sales floor for a long time or perhaps an item that is [damaged].

ever so often life moments will hit me as it did in tjmaxx yesterday.
while on the clearance aisle, i saw this frame made in india that was comprised of bone inlay. it had character. depth. dimension. but it was on sale for $2.
it took me a moment to figure out why it was on sale. as i inspected it closer, i realized pieces of the inlay were coming apart from the frame. ummph. it didn't bother me. 
in fact it was exactly what i needed to frame an old picture of my niece and nephew.

i stood there for a moment thinking, how many times do we pass over people, commence judgement all shun them, all because of an apparent flaw.

how easily do we turn away from someone because they are too short, has a lazy eye or perhaps has chosen a lifestyle different from our own?
as i placed the frame into my cart and made my way to the checkout...

i was reminded of a thought...[damaged] but still deliverable.

have you ever felt like you were [damaged] and someone came along and thought you were just perfect for them?