[sneak peek]

i was recently offered an opportunity to update a master bedroom of a special person. i wont attempt to describe the bedroom. however, when the project is complete i will share the pictures.

what i will do today is show you a [sneak peek] of what is currently taking place.
with amazing views of the lake from her master bedroom, it was quite easy to take cues from nature as to what colors would compliment the overall feel of her home.
she has been living in her lakeside home for about three years so she already has a substantial amount of furniture include an armoire, nightstands and a gorgeous light mint green king sized bed.
after tromping the house and pulling pictures from here and there and everywhere, we ended up changing our inspiration picture but managed to keep this rug.
after we brought the rug home, she was smitten. after it was install, she called me to tell me that she loved it. check mark for Mr. GW.
after i hung pictures i went with a friend to visit some stores we heard about through the grapevine. after arriving to our first stop, i came across this fabric. the whimsy of the motif printed on it and the feminine colors, seem to work so well with what we had already established.
after we left the 2nd store (details tomorrow) i went to hancock fabrics to check out their remnant section. to my surprise the almost exact pink and cream stripe fabric we discussed earlier was waiting for us.  with a price tag of $4 a yard at 6 yards, i bought it knowing we would get excellent mileage out of it, because it gives a pop of color, and it adds an additional layer of interest.

she has yet to see the fabrics, so i am praying she likes it.
do you like it (yea i know you dont have to live with it...i was just asking...lol)?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting