[oprah finale party recap AND giveaway update]

whew. blogger can sometime make you wanna slap yo...nevermind. as you can tell the blog has regained  its looked (but i think it was my fault this time).

first up...the giveaway for these...
is taking place here...

please remember to enter as many times as possible. i see some of yall commentin' but u ain't a "GOOD friend" you know friends with benefits. giveaway benefits. so make sure you are following all the previous rules set forth.

the winner will be selected by www.random.org at 11:59 sunday may 29, 2011. the will be announced on monday via the blog and should contact me within 48 hours of the announcement.


regardless if you are #teamoprah or not, you have to admit this woman is a phenom in her own right.  i took wednesday to travel to atlanta to support of my blog friends that have turned to real life sisters of mine.
let me start with my big sister and mentor, shameeka ayersthe broke socialiteafter a few exchanges back and forth on twitter and facebook, we agreed that an oprah finale party was appropriate.
i finally caught up with her and made my way down to the four seasons atlanta, to watch the finale with an intimate group of southern belles and gentleman.
shameeka is a true support of mr. goodwill hunting and rashon carraway. she saw in me what i didnt see in myself. i call her my big sister...but most importantly...she is a friend.

this is just a tiny snippet of the event. so for more information on the broke socialite please follow her on twitter @brokesocialite.

If you would like assistance creating a loving space in your home, please email at rashon@rashoncarraway.com